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How to renew our lease on the planet

It has become clear over the past years (hello energy crisis) that we need to find different sources of renewable energy. With the Green Deal, Europe aims to achieve climate neutrality. By using renewable energy sources, Europe could use energy without affecting our climate.

A lot of European countries have come up with interesting solutions, with Scandinavia as the frontrunner in renewable energy. But the south of Europe doesn’t stay behind with their wind and wave power. Spain and Italy, for example, are increasingly investing in renewable energy and its use. They are doing so by using already existing resources and raw materials such as wind and water in new innovations.

The current energy crisis, among others, is forcing us to look at other options when it comes to generating renewable energy. Will Belgium come out of this crisis well? Belgian politician Sara Matthieu (Green) clarifies:


But where in Europe are there opportunities for Belgium when it comes to renewable energy? The interactive map below shows the European countries that have original inventions to generate renewable energy, but the big question is: can we also use them in Belgium?

Authors | Bas Saillart, Fleur Iven, Gabriella Weitman, Paula Padilla Argelich, Rune Smets, Sien Thys

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